Helping Women to Connect with Their Bodies Through Every Phase of Pregnancy with Jill Miller, Founder of Roll Model Mama

August 12, 2018



What type of self-care are you doing during your pregnancy?


How about self-massage to help you connect with your body and support it through all the changes it’s experiencing?


Today we have a very special guest joining us on the podcast. Jill Miller, founder of Roll Model Mama, a program that takes pregnant women through self-guided techniques for alleviating pre- and postnatal discomfort. The 21st century pregnancy can put a lot of stress and strain on the body. Jill wanted to create an experience that helped women focus on posture, breathing exercises, whole body movements and restorative self-massage.


We chat with Jill about some of her own journey of creating a healthy relationship with her body, from years of yoga to experiencing eating disorders and feeling disconnected from her body. She says, “I was living in a body that I didn’t like.”


Through her study of anatomy, fitness and self-awareness, she’s now inspiring and supporting other women and mamas through her work.


Show Notes:


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