HOME BIRTH STORY: Home Birth Across The Pond with Irish Mom Charlotte Knee

April 3, 2017




In this episode we get to hear some perspective on home birth in Ireland! Charlotte was kind enough to chat with us while her 6-week old baby daughter Iza hung out in the background. We understand the life of fresh parenthood, and we know time is one of the most precious things at this state. So we consider it an honor that she spent some of it with us to share her awesome story.


Charlotte’s story is an example of how we continue to stay fascinated with birth in general, especially home birth. Because it’s so different everywhere you go. Living in the states, you just tend to hear about the variations in laws and practices from state to state. But there’s a whole big world out there!


Charlotte has never been a big fan of hospitals. And get this - she was born at home! So continuing the tradition, she hired a private midwife and she and her husband Max planned for their home birth.


Another cool part of Charlotte’s life - she and her husband live in a shared house. So community is very important to her, and has played a big part in her journey of pregnancy and motherhood.


We learned all kinds of new stuff from her - like using a tens unit and laughing gas during labor.


We’re totally inspired by Charlotte’s style. And you need to check the show notes on the website because she and her family are pretty adorable!


Show notes:


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