HOME BIRTH STORY: Home Birth For Baby #2 and Why Squats are So Important for Preparing for Birth with LIndsay Bonnar

September 13, 2017




In today's episode we're talking to a Doing It At Home Alumni, Lindsay Bonnar, about the home birth of her son Linken. 


Lindsay Bonnar was one of the first moms we spoke with when we started doing interviews back in the day. In our part 1 with her (episode 20) we talked about the birth of her daughter Charlie, whom she originally planned to birth at home, and eventually transferred to a birthing center to have an awesome birth experience. At the time, she was pregnant with baby number two and planning another home birth.


Now, our part two (and episode 86!) with Lindsay is about the birth of her son, Linken. Spoiler alert: they did it at home! Linken was born at home, surrounded by love and support.


There were a few curve balls during the birth. Lindsay would later learn that some cord compression was occurring and it was causing Linken’s heart rate to drop. At one point, Lindsay’s midwife thought they might have to go to the hospital. Paramedics were called and as if orchestrated, Linken made his entrance just as the responders arrived at their home. Everyone was healthy, safe and did not need to be transported.


With the concern of the cord compression, this meant Lindsay had to push baby out efficiently and in a short amount of time. She told us how she pushed him all the way down the birth canal in less than 10 minutes. She cannot emphasize enough how important it is for mamas to do their squats in preparation for birth!


Lindsay’s part 2 is really a testament to stellar care in the form of her midwife, a loving, safe environment to support her and the incredible tenacity and power that is the birthing woman.




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