Home Birth and Pregnancy Affirmations for Moms and Dads

January 23, 2017




We’ve talked a lot about affirmations on the show at different points in time - a little bit in our story and then in the stories of other moms, so we thought we’d create some of our own for you beautiful listeners!


I thought it would be fun to have some for both pregnancy and the birthing process. And not just for mamas - for the dads too!


This episode is a little shorter, but all the more sweeter. We both share our affirmations and a little bit on why we chose them and how they can contribute to a powerful and peaceful mindset and experience of your home birth.


We hope these affirmations serve you well or even inspire you to come up with your own!


Here are the affirmations for you to copy and use or share with others:


For Pregnancy


Sarah: I am fully connected to my body and my baby’s needs.


Matthew: I anticipate our upcoming birth with joy and peace in my heart. It will unfold exactly as it should.


For Birth


Sarah: I am powerful, peaceful and fully supported as I give birth.


Matthew: I am strong. I am capable. I am intuitive. I am compassionate. I am patient. I am a parent.

Finally, here's the blog post Matthew drew inspiration for his affirmations from: Birth Affirmations for Expectant Dads and Partners.


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