HOME BIRTH STORY: Home Birth for Second Baby After a Hospital Transfer with First Baby with Thea Robnett

August 22, 2018






What happens when the news and experience of your pregnancy isn’t all sunshine and rainbows?


We’ve talked about this once or twice on the show and we know it’s more common than culture and society would have us convinced of - that sometimes there is confusion, reticence, frustration and even guilt around getting pregnant.


For returning guest and DIAH mama Thea Robnett, she’s open and honest about the mix of emotions she dealt with when she got pregnant right after her first daughter, Harley, turned 1. She and her husband Alex had debated on whether or not to have another one, and actually decided to pause any plans for future children. So she worked through the mental challenges and coped with the changes.


This process gave her time to get deep into her emotions and create a powerful birth experience for her second daughter, Laurel. She listened to her body and her needs, used lots of tools to prepare her for a home birth she wanted. In her first episode on the podcast, she shared the story of Laurel’s birth, which was planned for home but shifted to the hospital after a long labor and exhaustion.


We chat about the birth itself as well as the differences in the postpartum experience the second time around. The biggest thing she stresses is to focus on YOU and your healing and to honor the time.


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