How Multiple Cesarean Births Inspired a Family Business Centered on Postpartum Healing and Recovery with Bellefit's Carolina Suarez-Garcia

March 6, 2018







How many mamas have felt that sensitive belly and jumbled organs feeling after giving birth? It’s not a great feeling right? You’ve just had a baby and are learning to navigate that whole new journey, but your physical body is also in a very significant and intensive healing and recovery process.


For thousands of years and in cultures all over the world, it’s very common practice to wrap the belly with a piece of fabric after having a baby - to support and create compression that allows for more mobility, security and frankly just make the mama feel more “normal!”


Jump back into modern time in Weston, Florida (Sarah’s hometown! Woop woop!), Carolina just gave birth to her first son, Sal via c-birth. Her mother, Cynthia, created a makeshift wrap for Carolina to wear - to help her in the recovery period. Back in their original home of Peru, belly wrapping is common practice, along with women staying home for 40 days after having a baby. The temporary wrap helped, but it was uncomfortable and not the best material.


It was after Carolina’s second birth - the stillbirth of her daughter Camila, a devastatingly painful experience with a much more challenging recovery process - mentally, emotionally and physically, that Cynthia dedicated herself to finding a wrap that would cover her daughter and help her to feel normal again. She was on a mission. Carolina thought she was complete with having children, but Cynthia still pressed on.


Sure enough, Carolina became pregnant again and gave birth to her second son, Pablo, via planned c-birth. When she came home from the hospital, Cynthia was waiting for her - this time with a beautifully crafted piece of sturdy fabric - the first corset prototype for what would become their next baby - their family business called Bellefit, founded by Cynthia and Alfonso Sr. (Carolina's father). Carolina cried as soon as she put it on - she had never felt “so together” after a birth experience.


After starting the business in a garage (again in Weston, Florida - Sarah and Carolina actually went to the same middle school - just not at the same time!) and 10 years later, Bellefit serves thousands of women with their postpartum support wear. This is not waist-training or those fad celebrity corset things you see. This is about the healing and recovery that a mother wanted to create for her daughter and then share with the world. You do not want to miss this episode! Plus DIAH listeners get a special Bellefit offer, so go check it out!


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