How to Deal with Fears and Anxieties of Something Going “Wrong” in Your Home Birth

January 20, 2018




“But what if something goes wrong?”


Does this sound familiar? It might to many home birth mamas and families. It’s a common thing that pops up, across many sources of feedback and advice and for a multitude of reasons.


In this episode we are covering a listener-requested topic/question - “How do you deal with the fear and anxiety of 'if something goes wrong?'”


We give some of our experience, share some of our own fears and those of our closest family members and how we dealt with them. We also give some suggestions on clear things you can do to acknowledge, understand and release all of those disempowering feelings that won’t help you or baby during pregnancy and birth.


All of our suggestions center around what you can do for yourself and birth partner and team. We’re not aiming to change people’s negative attitudes or concern ourselves with their actions. We can only control our own responses.

So join us as we dive into how to ask the question “what if something goes wrong” in a more effective way, with a solution-based approach rather than a fearful problem-based one.


And remember - ultimately, what you focus on and put your energy towards is what will persist and magnify. So let’s clear out those fears and doubts and replace them with powerful and proactive conversation!



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