How to Heal from Birth Trauma with Anne Margolis

October 30, 2017





In this episode we welcome back the amazing Anne Margolis back to the Doing It At Home podcast. We spoke with Anne back in episode 24 titled, “Normal, Natural and Joyful Childbirth.” Anne is a powerhouse in the birth community. She has over 21 years of experience as a home birth midwife, after previously working as an OB nurse in the hospital.


After her own traumatic birth experience in which she felt like she had no control in the situation, Anne has since dedicated her energy and expertise toward empowering and healing birth work.

We dive into the topic of trauma around birth.


There’s entirely too many great nuggets in this episode to list them all. But here are just a few of the things we talk about:

  • Trauma looks different for everyone

  • Sometimes you might not even recognize your birth as traumatic until after-the-fact

  • Fear and stress are the enemy of labor

  • About 9% of women experience a form of PTSD after birth

  • We underestimate the psychology of birth

  • One third of women would describe their birth(s) as “traumatic”

  • How we can improve birth globally

  • How Anne healed through her own traumas

  • Tips and action items for women dealing with birth trauma

This episode is for everyone - women who give birth and anyone who’s ever known a woman who has given birth. Because it’s really about all of us healing. It’s all connected. When the process and experience of how we enter the world is given the most care and respect possible, we set ourselves up for healthier, more integrated and more loving humans.


Thank you so much to Anne for hanging out with us again and for sharing her abundant knowledge with us!


Show Notes:


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