Ina May Gaskin, Hypnobabies, Stellar Midwives and Much More: Our List Of Favorite Home Birth Resources

August 28, 2017



In today's episode we're talking about all of the amazingly helpful resources we used when planning our home birth: from Ina May Gaskin books, to the Hypnobabies audio course, to The Business Of Being Born documentary, to conversations with our amazing midwives. We go through the home birth resources that we personally used, along with pregnancy and birth planning resources we intend to use for baby #2.


This episode is all about resources to help you in your home birth decision, planning, process, the experience itself and beyond. We’ve gotten a few questions via email and social media on what we ourselves used as we prepared for home birth. After answering a few times it dawned on us - “ummm...we need to do a full episode on this!”


We compiled a list (summoning as much memory and brain power as we could...#parentlife) to bring you our top favorite things that we personally used. But even in the short time since our home birth for baby May (almost 1 year - which seems like a super long time and yet the blink of an eye depending on how we look at it), we’ve realized that there are a bunch of really awesome resources out there that we either didn’t know about at the time or have come out since then.


We couldn’t leave you hanging and just share what we used - leaving out some other really valuable gems to help you in your own journey to home birth!


So we decided to bring you a second list of noteworthy stuff from books to websites to documentaries.


Here are both lists for you to reference, but we really recommend listening to the whole episode to hear us talk and elaborate on each of the items.


Resources we personally used:

  1. Happy, Healthy Child DVD series

  2. Sarah Buckley’s Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

  3. Hypnobabies

  4. Business of Being Born

  5. Birth Videos

  6. Our midwives

  7. Our chiropractor

Other resources we’ve heard great things about:

  1. Anything Ina May Gaskin has written - especially the Guide to Childbirth

  2. The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin

  3. The Bradley Method - involves the partner, dad - few of the DIAH mamas have used it

  4. Anne at HomeSweetHomeBirth

  5. Why Not Home documentary

  6. Orgasmic Birth documentary

Other interviews referenced in this episode:

Have any suggestions to add to the lists? Email us at hello[at] and share with us!


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