HOME BIRTH STORY: “Just Like a Home Birth, But in a Hospital” with Jessica Thomas

August 23, 2017





In today’s episode we’re chatting with Jessica Thomas, to hear about her empowered birth choice to deliver in a hospital.


Jessica and her husband Zach are chiropractors. So being in that community, you hear a lot about home birth and many chiropractors themselves as well as patients choose home birth. But it didn’t really resonate with Jessica. So she used this as an opportunity to find her voice, express herself and take control to feel confident and supported in her birth plan.


They found amazing care with their midwives and the hospital, where they were able to ask all of their questions and plot out what they wanted to experience come birthing time.


Jessica is as awesome example of how you take a powerful and proactive role in creating what aligns best with you.

Home birth isn’t for everyone. This is where we at DIAH seek to represent home birth in the healthiest way possible, and also share the lessons to be learned from it and how a home birth mentality and approach can be applied to birth regardless of its location.


When she shares the birth experience of their daughter Shayn, Jessica described it as essentially “a home birth in the hospital!”


Listen in to learn more!


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