HOME BIRTH STORY: Lessons in Surrender, Gratitude and Strength During Home Birth and Postpartum with Katie McCormick Part 2

November 8, 2017




We welcome back Katie McCormick to the show today! She joined us back in episode 73 where we talked about her and her husband Ryan planning a home birth in their cottage in West Cork, Ireland after leaving life in Portland, Oregon.


Since talking with Katie McCormick, we spoke with another Katy - Katy Drew, a friend of Katie McCormick’s and a “non-mom” who inspired episode 76. And get this - while we were speaking to Katy - Katie was in labor! So lots of cool connections and happenings since we first connected with the expat mama to be.


Now she’s mama to baby River - born 13 days past his guess date! This was of course part of their story - learning to be patient, surrender and understand that babies have their own timelines and ideas of when they’d like to make their appearance.


We learn about some of the natural induction options that Katie went over with her midwife: nipple stimulation, essential oils, castor oil in orange juice...anyone else try out some of these methods?


Mainly the focus was on letting go. When labor finally did begin, Katie was ready. She was grateful. And she had no fear.


Ryan actually gets to join us in the interview as well! And Ryan’s take on the whole experience? He says, “It was outrageous! So amazing!” He says it was one of the most extraordinary events of living.


Katie also opens up a little bit on postpartum life and how she’s integrating this new role, finding support in community and finding gratitude in the little moments. Thank you to Katie, Ryan and River for being a part of the DIAH family :)


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