HOME BIRTH STORY: Learning To Listen To Your Body in Pregnancy and Birth with Monica Smith

April 19, 2017




In today's episode we're talking to mama, Monica Smith. Monica and her husband Matt welcomed their son Rocky into the world 7 months ago, and they’re such a beautiful family (pictures on our website confirm this so check those out). Both chiropractors, Monica and Matt are used to environments that support home birth and back it up with the philosophy of trusting the body and its amazing ability to heal.


Monica is a well of knowledge. She’s also incredibly insightful. Her perspectives on the body, women and birth are enough to get you pumped up and inspired to take on the world!


We cover all kinds of topics like tiny house (she and Matt lived in a 275 sq. ft. home for a period of time!) and simplified living, which has transferred over into their parenting styles. We explore what happens when your birth vision does not match up with the actual experience (and how that can be a great thing).


Monica also went 42 weeks and 6 days into her pregnancy! Holy mama, right?!


Not to mention, she ties in the value of chiropractic care for pregnancy and preparing for home birth (we utilized chiropractic care in our pregnancy and highly recommend it).


Monica embodies pregnant intuition - listening to your body, and then using that to influence other areas of your life. And can birth actually be a mirror for who you are in your life? Find out in our interview!


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