Our Back and Forth Journey to Deciding on a Home Birth (Rebroadcast)

July 8, 2018



Today we're bringing you a rebroadcast of the second ever episode we published on the podcast! 


Hope you all enjoy this throwback : )



When we began our pregnancy adventure, home birth was pretty far from our mind. We kicked things off the traditional way: going to see an OBGYN at a great hospital that would usher our baby into the world the way that 98% of families in the US do it.


But three months later we parted ways with our OBGYN, partnered up with a midwife group working out of their home, and began our home birth journey.


The two of us flip flopped on who was more fearful and enthusiastic about the idea. Neither of us had seen a home birth, we didn’t know much about them, and (until we started asking around) we didn’t know anyone who had even done one.


But our decision to have baby Maya in our home ended up being the absolute best decision we could have ever made for our family (and I can say that with full resoluteness, because 5 days ago we welcomed Maya into the world! But we’ll get into that in a future episode).


In this episode you’ll hear our full story on how we went from traditional hospital birth with an OBGYN, to a shiny new birthing center with all the bells and whistles, to having our daughter in our very own bedroom.



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