Prenatal Yoga and Exercise and Honoring Motherhood with Deb Flashenberg

April 24, 2018




Can too much exercise during pregnancy become a detriment to your birth experience?


We wouldn’t presume to give you a definitive answer to this question because frankly it’s not our place and we’re not the experts of your physical body, pregnancy, preferences or life experience.


This is a question we explored with today’s guest Deb Flashenberg, founder and director of the Prenatal Yoga Center in New York. Deb has her own experience and story around exercising during pregnancy, as well as practicing yoga consistently.


We talk a little bit about Deb’s journey into the work she’s doing now, her own process of exploring birth options, fears around pregnancy and childbirth and honoring motherhood.


Deb’s story and message is a powerful one. For her, it’s about “trusting yourself, and being okay when you’re not perfect.” Also to find your personal voice, own your autonomy and proclaim “this is my life!”


And you can access Deb and all her wisdom on her own podcast “Yoga Birth Babies” and through the Prenatal Yoga Center’s podcast.


Show Notes:


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