SPECIAL INTERVIEW - Preparing for Home Birth Before You’re Even Pregnant with Kim and Tim

July 1, 2017



Today’s episode has a nice twist to it! It’s an interview, but not typically like the ones we do on the show. We’re kinda the ones being interviewed!


Here’s some context and background: we received an awesome listener email from Kim. Kim is engaged to Tim. Yes, Kim and Tim. Kim and Tim are a great couple, creating this beautiful partnership. As they prepare to enter marriage and plan for this amazing life they intend to have together, they are naturally having conversations of eventually wanting to have children.


What’s really cool is that they know they want to experience a home birth when the time comes.


First off, we acknowledge them for being so in tuned with one another, and exploring this conversation beforehand. While they understand there isn’t direct planning that needs to be put in place right now for a home birth, they are recognizing the value in having these discussions and being on the same page.


We can greatly appreciate this. Children - how to make them, birth them and raise them - can be a big topic of division between partners. To work on aligning with one another early in the game is something that we support.

So for any of you listeners out there who have not had any children yet - this is a great episode for you. Because you don’t have to be pregnant to be interested in birth, or interested in exploring what your future options could be. It’s never too early for information, inspiration and empowerment.


Kim and Tim ask Matthew and me (Sarah) some of the questions they have like physical and mental preparation for pregnancy and birth and how the partner can be involved and an active support role.


We had such a blast chatting with these two. We’re going to keep in touch and keep tabs on their journey for when they eventually want to “do it at home!”


Show Notes:

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