Reflexology, Essential Oils and Holistic Health Practices for Pregnancy and Birth with Melinda Mickshaw of The Relievery

September 9, 2017




In this episode we have a special guest, Melinda Mickshaw, who is talking to us about reflexology, essential oils and holistic health practices for pregnancy and birth. Melinda is a fantastic resource of information, and we think you’ll enjoy our convo!


Today we’re chatting with Melinda Mickshaw from The Relievery. Melinda is a Holistic Health Advisor, and she together with her childhood friend Nikki Yeager teamed up to create their company - The Relievery. The company is all about “ancient wisdom for modern lives” - something we expand upon in our conversation.


Something really cool that The Relievery has created is a simple, DIY approach to reflexology for pregnant and postpartum mothers as well as for babies. Imagine a sock with a full map at the bottom of the foot - basically giving you a how-to of approaching reflexology. Well, they exist, and Relievery makes them! So now you, your partner or birth/postpartum team members can be armed, informed and ready to treat those mama feet!


What we love about what Melinda is doing is that she presents an easy and practical approach to self-care. She sees it as a lifestyle.


We also talk about essential oils and how they can be useful during pregnancy and birth - particularly for home birth, where you have more control of the environment and the things you can utilize to support you during labor.


We’re really excited to bring this conversation to you, because we believe it can help all those pregnant mamas out there to want to go as natural as possible with the pregnancy care, planning and birth experience.


And The Relievery is gifting our listeners with a little treat! Go to to get a free copy of their Foot Map for Birthing Women.




And don't forget!

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