HOME BIRTH STORY: Replacing Tension, Anxiety and Negativity Around Your Home Birth with Affirmation and Positivity with Lizzy Ward

February 14, 2018





How do you deal with fear, anxiety and negativity that might pop up during pregnancy and planning for a home birth?


For Lizzy, it was a process of “reprogramming” those thoughts and beliefs that were holding her back from trusting and surrendering to the possibility of a peaceful and joyful birth experience. Lizzy had a hospital birth with her first baby, daughter Josie. Certain elements of the experience were laden with fear and anxiety. Everything turned out okay and Josie and Lizzy were fine, but Lizzy knew that she’d want a home birth for her next baby.


She acknowledged that she had a lot of fear to work through. And you know what helped?! The Doing It At Home podcast! Lizzy shares that by listening to other birth stories, the tips and tricks, she was able to start looking forward to birth with excitement and dissolve the pit of anxiety in her stomach. She truly believes that she wouldn’t have had such an amazing experience with her home birth for her second child, son Abel, if she hadn’t listened to the podcast and “reprogrammed” her fear-based view of birth. She said her birth with Abel was so peaceful, she couldn’t even believe it was her doing it!


Her husband Richie was a big support as well. She says she probably wouldn’t have chosen home birth if it weren’t for his encouragement. Three cheers for awesome birth partners!


Lizzy identifies as a person more prone to tension and anxiety, and doesn’t see “surrender” as a huge part of her personality, and yet she had a quiet, peaceful water birth with Abel. She is an example of the power of replacing the negative with the positive and quieting those mental conversations that want to hold us back and keep us in fear.


Listen in as Lizzy now gets to share her story, like so many of the women she listened to before her birth - she’s able to pay it forward and inspire others with her journey!


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