HOME BIRTH STORY: The Secret Home Birth with Catherine Spada

May 6, 2017




In this episode, we’re talking with Catherine from Canada. She’s a spunky, energetic mom of 2. You can feel her enthusiasm through the speakers. Her lively nature and passionate storytelling captivates you.


Catherine has a the perspective of hospital birth and a home birth. Cool fact: she got to use the same midwife for both births!


And we’re honored to share that our show helped influence and support Catherine and her husband Carmen (who wasn’t so convinced to start off with) to choose a home birth.


Their preparation process involved a lot of trust-building with the intention to protect the reverence of the birth experience. Isn’t that beautiful?


And get this - Catherine and Carmen strategically chose not to tell anyone of their intentions to home birth. So everyone found out after baby arrived! We find this to be totally badass - being bold and true to yourself and going about things the way that resonates most with you.


Catherine talks about how her home birth gave her the opportunity to open up and surrender more than she had in her first birth. Quotable from Catherine, “birth is reflective of your life.”

Listen to how Catherine did what she calls “conquering pushing,” what it feels like to have a bowling ball between your butt and vagina (yes, we’re getting real, folks), and how your home birth can have lots of sandwiches.




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