Sex After Having Kids: How We Keep Our Sex Life Burning As New Parents

February 11, 2018




Does your sex life have to change for the worse after kids?


We know of course the answer is “No, it doesn’t”, but how do you keep it from turning stale? How do you keep the fire burning for your partner after you’ve had a kid or two?


Today we’re excited to bring you another SEX-PISODE, this time pulling the covers back on what our sex life has been like after having a baby. This episode joins our growing series of sex-pisodes.


There are three main areas we’re going to focus on:

  1. How we schedule sex into our busy lives

  2. Why keeping the flame burning is important to us

  3. The ebbs and flows our sex lives have taken as we progressed from a married couple, to being pregnant, to having a brand new baby, to now being parents for a period of time

We’re getting raw and honest in this episode, and it’s our hope that hearing us talk about these topics will give you permission to explore these things on your own. We want to create and hold a space of open and honest communication, first and foremost with yourself, but also with the person/people you choose to share a bed with.


Sexual energy is life energy, and it’s time to create a more empowered conversation around sex.


Show Notes:


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