Sex While Pregnant: The Ins, The Outs, The Reach Arounds (Rebroadcast)

December 9, 2017



Have you been wondering "What is sex going to be like when I'm pregnant?"


If so, this is the episode for you! 


Let’s talk about SEX, BABY! Not just the kind that makes the babies, but the kind you continue doing while the bun is in the oven.


This episode is inspired by an article I wrote on some of our experience with pregnant sex. You can find that article here -


There’s plenty of topics around pregnancy that receive just the surface level of attention paid to them in the blogs, books, and classes. Sex was the big thing for me that I experienced ambiguity around. Everything I saw depicted one of two extremes - you either want it all the time or the thought it makes you more nauseated than morning sickness. My main takeaway was “no more missionary” and just do whatever works for you.


I won’t knock the advice of doing what is most comfortable for you - it’s great even. I was just hungry for more -- like what was stuff that popped up for other women and couples in the bedroom? What were the fears that could be broken down during this time, new paradigms that could be formed and stronger, more intimate bonds that could be forged in the scene of sexual intimacy while pregnant


Naturally, Matthew and I decided to sit down and talk about it. So not only do you get to hear about my perspective on our sexual relationship traveling through pregnancy, but you get the male’s point-of-view as well.




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