HOME BIRTH STORY: Switching to Home Birth for Baby Number 4 with Jarmar and Jonnelle Dupas

September 19, 2017




In this episode, we get to speak with both mom and dad! We love when we get to chat with a home birth couple and hear both perspectives from the decision-making process to the experience itself. So we’re chatting with Jarmar and Jonnelle Dupas.


They live in Houston, Texas with their 4 children. Their switch to home birth happened with their most recent baby, Jase. For them, they were interested in something different and evolving from some of the coldness they noticed in the hospital setting. They had always used midwives with their births, so transitioning into home seemed like the next step.


Jarmar and Jonnelle both described their home birth as much more peaceful. Basically, a thousand times better and something they would’ve done sooner had they known.


A highlight from their story is that “divine connection” with their midwife Afua. We certainly know the difference that the level of care can make, and how important it was for us to feel connected and have a deep sense of trust with our midwives.


And get this - they are a podcasting couple as well! Their show “Get Your Money Right” is all about financial well-being. We can dig that (since babies aren’t cheap!). Listen in and enjoy as we get to know more about Jarmar and Jonnelle, their family and their magical home birth!


Show notes:


Hey Mamas, this is for you!


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