Taboo Subjects of Birth and Motherhood with Ashley Woolsey of Motherhood Tabutiful

August 19, 2017




Today we have the awesome honor and privilege of bringing you an empowering conversation with Ashley Woolsey - mother of 3, doula and creator of Motherhood Tabutiful (pronounced “ta-beautiful”) - a blog and online community for mothers to come together and share their stories of motherhood.


To give some more context on Motherhood Tabutiful, here is it’s mission statement straight from the site:


“Our mission is to create a safe and judgement free space for women and mothers to share their stories of the taboo subjects that surround motherhood.


It is with this space, that we hope to help normalize these subjects.


It is with this space, that we hope to offer comfort and solidarity among those who are hurting.


It is with this space, that we hope to encourage those struggling, to speak up and reach out.


We realize that motherhood is beautiful, and amazing, and fulfilling. But we also know that it is ugly, and dark, and difficult.


And so, it is with this space, that we hope to wrap our arms and our hearts around you, for a virtual hug, so that even in the ugliest, and darkest, and most difficult of times, you will find solace in knowing that you are not alone.”


Ashley and Sarah connected a while back on Instagram. Then with the birth of Motherhood Tabutiful, we knew we wanted to have Ashley on to share her perspective and riff on some topics with us.


We chat about that isolation that many women feel during motherhood. And for Ashley, she found that social media and finding a community was extremely helpful. So why not create an easy-to-access platform for moms to share, read, learn, inspire...particularly around topics that others will shy away from due to fear or discomfort. Ashley has crafted Motherhood Tabutiful to be judgement-free and a safe space to delve into these types of things and normalize them.


So of course, we chat about home birth and how that ties into the categories of “taboo” and uncomfortable conversations.


Listen in to hear more, and check out Motherhood Tabutiful to learn about what Ashley’s up to!




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