Talking Birth and Sexuality with International Midwife of Over 30 Years, Jutta Wohlrab

August 26, 2018



What do birth and sexuality have in common?


A lot. There. The end. Just kidding!


In today’s episode we have international midwife, speaker and author Jutta Wohlrab joining us. Jutta has been a practicing midwife for over 30 years and has traveled all over the world, serving women and spreading the message of empowered birth. She’s also the author of “Happy Birthing Days” and the creator of


We talk about her path to midwifery which began at 16 years old.


Then we talk about one of our most favorite things on the show - oxytocin! Yes, the love hormone. Same as what’s released after an orgasm, and helps in labor and delivery to bring baby down and out. We also chat about healing past trauma through the birth experience and the power and magic of nature as a woman becomes a mother.


Show Notes:


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