The Censoring Of Birth In Social Media and Society #Rant

December 2, 2017




This episode is inspired by recent events in the online birth community. It’s pretty commonplace to have some of your images removed from Instagram if you are an account sharing images of birth. Due to things like “guidelines and regulations” as well as other users finding certain content offensive and then reporting it, we’ve seen a number of issues pop surrounding the censorship of motherhood since we ourselves started learning more about the community and being a part of the conversations.


And so with the recent removal of an image on a number of accounts, there are a lot of thoughts and feelings floating around. First of all - WHY? Why is birth censored the way it is? Why is it feared, judged, controlled? Also - what are the implications of of this and the impact it leaves on how we can approach birth with more understanding?


So Matthew and I dive in and share some of our feelings on why birth is censored in our culture. We also share how others are responding to the recent removals - with posts from Birth Without Fear and Empowered Birth Project, whose accounts so gracefully address what is happening and what can be done. And we share some feedback we’ve received from listeners regarding the topic.


This is not always the easiest conversation to have - and we wanted to treat the topic with as much respect as we possibly could. But the conversations are happening - and as long as we’re open and willing to having these dialogues, we can move things forward toward healing and growth.


So give it a listen and let us know your thoughts on the censorship of birth.


Show Notes:


Who else feels that motherhood can be a mother$%#&@!?




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