HOME BIRTH STORY: The Emotional Journey of Multiple Inseminations and Planning a Home Birth for Two Mamas with Caitlin Thompson

February 28, 2018




How do you stay in a space of trusting your body and the process when getting pregnant presents an emotional journey of challenges?


This was Caitlin’s reality when she and her wife, Shona decided to start a family. First there were the conversations of who would be the gestational parent - which were relatively easy given that Caitlin wanted to be pregnant and Shona wanted to be a parent but didn’t necessary want to be pregnant. Then come the logistics of how they would conceive. As Caitlin puts it, “we couldn’t just hop in bed and make a baby!”


So they explored the different routes of insemination. There are options of having a known or unknown donor. Then for the procedure itself you can have an IUI - intrauterine insemination, which is performed at a clinic and is a more “medical process” or an ICI - intracervical insemination, which you can do at home yourself and Caitlin refers to as the more DIY insemination.


Caitlin walks us through their journey, from cycle monitoring to increase the likelihood of insemination success, the rounds of unsuccessful IUIs, a break in the middle of the process after such an emotional rollercoaster and obsession with the process.


They eventually moved into the ICI route, where after a few more attempts and switching up donors (now using a close friend’s sperm), they finally got their successful insemination!


And so now Caitlin and Shona are planning for a home birth!


We’re so honored to share their story on the podcast in our first episode with an LGBTQ family! As Caitlin says in the interview, “families are something we build out of love.” We couldn’t agree more.





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