The “Whole-istic” DIAH Home Birth Preparation Checklist

April 29, 2018




What do you need to do to prepare for a home birth?


In this episode, we’re taking a “WHOLE-istic” approach to a home birth checklist. So yes, we cover the supplies and gear and equipment (which we have the full list of on our website with the episode).


We talk about setting the scene and prepping the space for you birth.


And then we a take a turn and talk about some of the deep, gritty stuff like emotional, mental, spiritual preparation with your birth partner and then with yourself.


Because regardless of the location and technical details of the birth experience, the inner work to put you in a peaceful, confident, loving and supported place lasts longer and takes you beyond the birth. We foresee some follow-up episodes to some of the themes we discuss here. So if you have any questions or things to add, please reach out to us at hello[at]!


Show Notes:


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