The Postpartum For Dads Episode: Matthew Shares His Perspective On Life After Childbirth For Fathers

January 15, 2018




How do dads balance life after baby?


It’s easier to find resources and conversations around motherhood postpartum, and that makes a lot of sense. But dads are greatly impacted too in their own ways with their own set of challenges and lessons.


So coming to you by listener request we have today’s episode - Matthew sharing some of his perspective on what life after baby has been like. This is a great episode to share with partners and dads.


It’s clear that women face major hormonal changes and have to work really hard to find balance again. In this episode we explore the dad’s experience through the hard nights, occasional meltdowns, breastfeeding/bottle feeding and going back to work. Basically papa postpartum, along with being there for your partner and also taking care of yourself when a lot of focus is on mom and baby.


We start at those first newborn days and carry through the next few months, to where we are currently with Maya at 16 months old.


Here are some of the questions and topics we cover:

  • What was initial stage of fatherhood like - those first few days, weeks?

  • How did you experience the breastfeeding process?

  • Sleep

  • Finding your connection with baby

  • Work


Do you have any tips or experiences from fatherhood postpartum you’d like to share? Reach out to us at hello[at]!



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