HOME BIRTH STORY: The Super Fast Bradley Method Water Birth with Kimberly Huck

May 16, 2017




In today’s episode we’re talking with Kimberly Huck, a new mama who used the Bradley Method during her water birth at home.


Kimberly is mama to Henry and wife to Dan. And we have a special connection with Kimberly. We live near each other and...we used the same midwives! So the same women who helped deliver baby Maya, delivered baby Henry just a few months earlier.


Kimberly and I connected after she posted a cool home birth related article on Facebook that happened to make its way into my awareness (article link in the show notes). Kimberly is a chiropractor, and she and her husband Dan own a fitness studio in Marietta, Georgia called American Row House. They met while attending Life University, while Kimberly studied chiropractic and Dan studied sports health science.


The Huck household is very into health and fitness, healthy habits and lifestyle and living as natural and toxin-free as possible.


Kimberly grew up in a natural home, being unvaccinated herself. She became interested in home birth after working for a chiropractor in her early 20s who had a home birth in their family.


So for she and Dan, home birth is just a part of the world they live in. In their environment it’s “normal.”


Kimberly’s story highlights the concept of honoring the body’s natural process and timing. Also - birth is not an exact science. Enjoy her journey and story!


Show notes




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