The Truth About Our Relationship: What Happens When the Mic is Off

December 19, 2017



This is a fun and different kind of episode for DIAH. We’re taking a slight curve off of the path of birth stories and empowering birth conversations to focus on us for a second. And by us, I more specifically mean our marriage - our relationship style and our communication (or sometimes lack thereof).


This was inspired by some pretty amazing affirmations we received in the form of emails and reviews, commenting on Matthew’s and my dynamic and interaction with each other. It’s incredibly humbling to receive all of your words of encouragement, support, questions, etc. about the show and our lives. Because we have made a choice to put ourselves out there - our personal lives and sharing intimate aspects of our pregnancy, birth, parenting and marriage experiences. So - when an argument, fight, disagreement or whatever you want to call it like we had the other day pops up and I’m not in the best space, I can go down the dangerous road of “We’re fakes, we’re frauds...we just received all this beautiful feedback on who we are as a couple and now look at us! What does this mean?!?!”


So we discuss this process, why it comes up and what the actually truth of the situation is - that we do have an incredible relationship and marriage, AND it takes a lot of intentional work and practice. We each share some of our challenges and how we overcome them.


We also tackle the topic of “It feels like we never fought before we had a baby…”


This is some pretty interesting stuff, and we really hope you enjoy it - to provide some perspective on what happens after you “do it at home” - how to keep love and communication flowing.


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