Thinking About Hiring A Photographer For Your Home Birth? An Interview With Birth Photographer Christina Benton

March 16, 2017




In this episode we're talking with Christina Benton - birth photographer, birth and postpartum doula, mom and wife. Christina shares her beautiful home birth and hospital birth stories, from behind the lens, and she shares why moms and families should highly consider hiring a photographer for their homebirth.


This is a first for the Doing It At Home Podcast: an interview with a birth photographer! We were very excited to chat with Christina Benton, a doula and birth photographer. For starters, we didn’t have a formal birth photographer. If you’ve listened to our birth story you know that most of our birth team came equipped with their camera phones, which we are extremely grateful for, however it meant a bunch of lights and phones up in my business at different points in time, and the pictures themselves are scattered in their composition and quality. We weren’t really aware of birth photography and its value until after the experience.


So chatting with Christina was as much for us and it is for our listeners, quite frankly. Because we were taking our own notes for the future!


Christina is a birth and postpartum doula and over the last 8 months she has extended her birth work into the realm of photography.


The first thing that struck us about Christina’s images is just how real and raw they are. They capture the sacredness and beauty of the births in such an authentic way.


Christina shares with us her journey into birth work, some stories of some memorable births that she has photographed and advice for how to research and select your birth photographer.


We asked Christina why someone should hire a birth photographer, what’s the value in it?


Her response, “Because every woman deserves to see herself like that - the moment you meet your baby for the first time.”


If you’re unsure or considering hiring a birth photographer, this is an episode to bookmark.

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