HOME BIRTH STORY: Two Non Hippie-Dippy Home Births at 42 Weeks with Erica Kempf

January 15, 2018



Does having a home birth mean you’re all “hippie-dippy” and stuff?


Maybe, if that’s what works for you and that’s how you would describe yourself. You could also be a former pre-med student and do lots of research and dive head first into studies and medical literature to make the determination that home birth is the safest and best option for you and your baby. Home birth, along with its mamas, is not one size fits all and cannot be put in a box.


That’s the beauty of empowering the choice to birth how you want. You can bring your own preferences and personality to experience the birth you desire most.


For Erica and her husband Dave, they knew they wanted to have a home birth before they got pregnant. They even had a pre conception appointment with a midwife to solidify their decision. This came after lots of discussion and research (like we mentioned...a former pre-med student).


And so we get to hear the amazing birth stories of both of their babies - daughter Poppy and son Rowan. Fun fact about both babies - they both arrived at 42 weeks, just in time before having to switch to a hospital birth (these laws vary state-to-state as to when moms can give birth at home passed a certain date).


Erica’s babies definitely taught her lessons in patience as she awaited going into labor. And ultimately for her, the home birth experience was about trusting in biology - that it works. We’re so grateful to Erica for sharing her stories with us. Enjoy!



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