HOME BIRTH STORY: Using Fitness, Nutrition and Mindfulness to Prepare for Your Home Birth with Becky Diaz

August 8, 2017





In today’s episode, we’re talking with Becky Diaz. Becky is a personal trainer, nutritionist, and placenta encapsulator who used fitness and nutrition to help prepare for her most recent home birth.


Becky and her husband Hugo live in Los Angeles, California and have 3 children: Riley, Juilan and River.


Her first was born in a hospital, where she experienced an epidural and pitocin. For babies 2 and 3, they decided to go with home birth.


Becky was really interested in how she could use the experiences of pregnancy and birth to really push herself and learn about herself more.


In our conversation, we talk a lot about the preparation she did for her third birth for baby River. This pregnancy involved a lot more mental work - being more mindful and not just muscling through the birth. This was more about trust and surrender to the process.


Becky utilized techniques like meditation to support her. She used a visualization practice of seeing the sensations as waves crashing and washing away, rather than a painful contraction.


Birth for her was incredibly spiritual, and she says it was the most meditative she’s ever felt.


Becky is a beautiful examples of knowing yourself, tapping into that and using it to help you prepare for such an incredible experience like birth is. Another key piece of advice from her that we totally agree with: “Don’t listen to someone else’s horror story.” In other words, be mindful of the material you take in during pregnancy and birth preparation. It can really make an impact.


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