HOME BIRTH STORY: Using Mindfulness To Heal A Traumatic Home Birth Experience with Azra Gregor

January 8, 2018



Is it possible to have a “traumatic” home birth?


With the kind of conversations we have on this show and the energy and education we seek to create around home birth - of course we want to reduce the number of any traumatic births. However, birth trauma and feelings of broken expectations and frustration are possible regardless of where you birth. So as long as that is the case, birth stories like that of today’s guest, Azra Gregor, are so important to the healing birth narrative.


Azra lives in Guelph, Ontario with her husband Rich and their two children Dominic and Mila. And she shares both of her home birth stories along with the different lessons that came with each.


Her first birth with her son Dominic is a story of transition. For one thing, Azra couldn’t believe the entire birth lasted less than 3 hours. She found the experience to be drastically different from what she had been preparing for. She felt a lack of trust and fought the present moment. That paired with a somewhat removed and disconnected midwife (it’s sad, but it can happen), left Azra feeling remnants of trauma from the birth. We haven’t had someone pair the word “traumatic” with a home birth yet on the show, and we’re extremely grateful to Azra for sharing her truth and opening up this dialogue.


When she prepared for her second birth with her daughter Mila, Azra switched midwives and worked on healing to create a different birth experience from the first one. She opened up her mind, she says, and worked on surrendering. She worked on relaxing and letting go. As a result she was able to have the birth that aligned more with what she ideally wanted.


Azra describes both births, despite their differences, as empowering. Now she’s taking that energy and using it to be a voice for other mamas. You check out all of her ongoings via her blog Dirty Mercy Mama and her Instagram page. Enjoy!


Show Notes:


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