HOME BIRTH STORY: Veterans, Minimalists and Eco-conscious Parents on their Unexpected and Beautiful Birth with Pastaveia and Sean St. John

December 30, 2017





What links the terms black minimalism, veterans, eco-conscious lifestyle and home birth? Today’s birth story! In this episode we’re chatting with Pastaveia and Sean St. John, new parents to their daughter sage and an awesome couple with a powerful story.


First off, Pastaveia and Sean have been married for 15 years after first meeting while both were in active military duty. Once they were ready to expand their family, they already had ideas to have their birth outside of the hospital. Oddly enough, Pastaveia had spent most of her career up to that point working in hospitals, so she felt that gave her confirmation in her desire to seek a different experience.


Pastaveia loved being pregnant - she stayed active and kept a strong, healthy mindset. She also lives a plant-based lifestyle which serves as an inspiration and example for other mamas and mamas-to-be looking to have a similar experience. They cultivated a strong bond with their midwife, Tel, who they described as more than a midwife and more like a close friend and therapist through the pregnancy and birth process.


Babies arrive on their own timeline, and in their case baby Sage decided to make her debut one month before her guess date. Given that timeline and California state laws for home birth, the St. John’s went to UC Davis Medical Center. Here they got the opportunity to be their own advocates, speak up, ask questions, read the fine print and go into the experience as empowered as possible.


So while they acknowledge things didn’t go exactly the way they initially planned, the way it unfolded was absolutely beautiful in its own way. Listen in to hear the full story!


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