What We'll Do Differently for Our Second Home Birth

February 4, 2018




So what are our plans for a future baby and birth?


This episode is inspired by another listener question - how we’re going to plan for future births and babies. What would we do differently? What would we keep?


We break it down for you - starting with our timeline for expanding our family. And it isn’t what we originally thought it would be when we first got pregnant with Maya!


Then we share all the elements we would switch up for a future birth and why. And there are some fun tangents and side stories, all in the interest of making our points, of course.


One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned in this parenthood game and as we start to discuss adding more players to Team Bivens is that there is a balance between being intentional and having a vision, as well as being flexible and going with the flow.


So join us for another awesome episode of DIAH and hear what we’re cooking up for future birth plans!




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