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May 16, 2018



How does one go from being unsure about being pregnant to planning a home birth and then on the path to becoming a midwife?


Well our DIAH mama in today’s birth story can and does answer that question for us by sharing her incredible story of bringing her daughter Selah earthside.


First of all, Jillisa was shocked when she found out she was pregnant. She didn’t feel ready. And she’s beautifully honest and raw about her feelings of ambivalence. Because not every single pregnancy experience is exciting news full of joy and cheer.


As she processed more and began to plan, she felt drawn to home birth. She felt a great connection with her midwife and was empowered by her choice and knowledge of options.


We get into all the details of birthing time: from the prodromal labor to water not being the most helpful tool during labor, sitting on the toilet and then pushing for 5 hours. Jillisa and her team chose to transfer where her midwife could still serve as an advocate for her.


The whole journey to Selah’s arrival has inspired Jillisa so much that she is now preparing to be a midwife and serve other women and families. Despite her transfer and hospital experience, she says, “I’m a rarity - not the norm.” And she firmly believes that “women are completely designed to birth.”


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