HOME BIRTH STORY: When Your Water Breaks 3 Days Before Labor Starts with Jenna Lehr

August 8, 2018



For those mamas who experienced their waters breaking - how long did it take for labor to begin after that?


Well in the case of today’s guest, Jenna Lehr, her water broke on a Tuesday, and her baby was born that Saturday!


What we love about this detail is the opportunity it provides to normalize all the unique aspects of every woman’s body, baby and birth itself. Sometimes waters break and it takes a while (or days) for active labor to begin). Sometimes the waters break in the middle of labor. Sometimes during delivery. Sometimes they break multiple times. And sometimes they don’t break!


In this birth story we get to hear how Jenna and her husband Jason planned for their home birth. It evolved from knowing nothing about birth to watching “The Business of Being Born” and seeking more information to having preconception appointments to talk about what birth could be and look like.


We also talk about dealing with the doubt that can creep in - the pressure, stress and emotion that pops up and tests your conviction. And how her husband Jason was super involved and supportive in the whole process.



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