Why Are You Choosing Home Birth?

April 7, 2018



Why did you choose home birth? Or any of your birth plans?


There are usually a collection of motivating factors that go into creating the birth vision you have in mind. So after talking to a lot of amazing mamas on the show and reflecting on some of our own intentions for our birth, we decided to dedicate an episode to the reasons why some might choose home birth. This is based on the most common feedback and experiences we’ve heard and talked about on the show.


But first, we start with a twist: why you shouldn’t choose home birth! When it might not be the most powerful decision to support you in feeling your best and most prepared for a magical birth experience.


So we share the 5 most common reasons we’ve learned around choosing home birth, share our perspective on them, and then Matthew throws a big curveball and shares one of his disempowering motivations for getting pregnant. So stuff gets real!


You don’t wanna miss this one!


Show Notes:

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