Why Non-Moms are Important in the Home Birth Conversation with Katy Drew

August 13, 2017




We have a fun and little different kind of episode for you today. Katy emailed us after her great friend and fellow DIAH mama Katie McCormick (from episode 73) shared the podcast with her.


Katy thanked us for what we’re up to with the show. As a “non-mom” (though she plans to be in the future), she’s always been fascinating by pregnancy and birth. She’s been exploring the option of home birth for herself when that time comes.


So we figured...let’s get on the phone, hit record and see what happens!


We believe that what Katy’s doing is an awesome example. If women who are not yet mothers are interested in exploring their future options, educating themselves, having conversations with other women at different stages of motherhood, then that mean we have a lot more women empowered, confident and supported in their decisions. We are all for that! This doesn’t mean all women need to be doing this. It’s whatever works for you. We would just like to see more positive energy around conversations of pregnancy and birth, regardless of what phase of it someone is in.


So Katy shares with us some of her thinking in why home birth would be a good fit for her. For one, she likes to take the most natural route possible with things. She’s also a more private person, and looks at birth as a very sacred time.


We also talk about how resources like the Doing It At Home podcast has helped, supported and informed on home birth related topics.


So if you are not pregnant yet, but considering home birth as an option, this is a perfect episode for you!



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