SPECIAL LABOR DAY EPISODE: “Why Not Home?” Documentary with Jessicca Moore

September 4, 2017


Today we have the honor of speaking with Jessicca Moore, a family nurse practitioner and a filmmaker. She is the creator of the documentary film “Why Not Home?” which explores why labor and delivery medical professionals are choosing to give birth outside of the hospital, in this case - home!


The documentary itself is amazing. And there’s no better time to watch it than right now. For one thing, today is Labor Day! And also, they’re launching the film in both iTunes and Amazon today, so plenty of platforms and opportunities for you to check it out.


In our conversation with Jessicca, we talk about her own decision to choose home birth, and through that process how she picked up on the trend of colleagues of hers making the same choice. What would it look like to dive further into the pattern of health professionals, who understand most of the risks, procedures and protocols, and yet are looking to experience birth outside of the general atmosphere where they provide their services?


So Jessicca felt pulled to document this. We talk about some key subjects in the film, themes and topics it brings up that were particularly impactful for Matthew and me. Like some of the mind-blowing statistics around birth and a lot of the misinformation that is spread throughout the birth community.


We even address some questions from listeners about the documentary.


If you are considering or planning a home birth, “Why Not Home?” needs to be on your list of resources. Thank you again to Jessicca for seeing her vision through and for taking the time to hang out with us at Doing It At Home!




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