Why and How We Make Our Marriage a Priority

May 5, 2018





What’s more important - your children or your marriage?


Well, sorry to disappoint, but we’re not going to answer that question. Because that’s not our business and we’re not here to tell you how to live your life. We respect and honor the variations of normal and the family dynamics that work best for each of you. So we’ll leave how you feel about that question and how you answer it up to you.


We will, however, explore the dynamics of our household and sharing why and how it’s important for us to water our marriage. So in this episode, even though it’s not strictly birth related, we like to sprinkle in some fun, honest, conscious conversations around the world of parenting and family management. Because it’s the season we’re in and we feel it’s relevant to a lot of listeners as well. “Doing It At Home” extends beyond the birth experience. How do you keep your home a loving, healthy, empowered space to be in through it all?


We talk about our process of starting with working on ourselves as individuals, nurturing our relationship and then we believe our parenting styles and abilities stem from all of the inner work. We share our approach and some examples of how we tend to our relationship, what we want to model for Maya and some of the things each of us need to feel our best and show up powerfully as parents.




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