Wisdom from a Sleep Consultant for Infants and Toddlers with Alyssa Blask

November 1, 2017




This episode airs the day after Halloween - and we think it’s quite fitting. Because as a parent, sleep can be a scary subject! So do not fear - we have Alyssa Blask on the show today to help exorcise some of those stressful sleep demons. Alyssa has quite the resume - let’s just say she wears a lot of hats. She has a masters in early childhood and childhood development. She’s a doula. And a sleep consultant for infants and toddlers - what we focus on a lot of during our conversation.


Alyssa shares some of her own personal history with us - like how she’s pretty much always always had a baby in her arms since she herself was a baby. The way she puts it - “this life chose me.” This life being working with families and children. She works as a director at a research child care school in Boston. When she’s not at the center, she’s working with private clients in sleep consultation.


In all of her research and one-on-one work, she sees and understands how birth impacts the postpartum experience for mom and baby, as well as the child care development and overall well-being of the family. And sleep is a large component of this. For her, it’s about understanding the brains and patterns amongst young children.


Alyssa breaks down the 3 big factors for sleep (also might want to mention here - she has a 100% success rate with her clients….yes, 100%):

  1. Environment - having a cool, dark space for babies to sleep with some sort of white noise

  2. Biology - food, circadian rhythm, and being the “right amount of tired”

  3. Behavior - learned habits

We also go over what to expect sleep wise over the first year of baby’s life. So you do NOT want to miss this episode.

And it gets better. Alyssa is offering a 15% discount on sleep consultations for any listeners who write DIAH in response to “How did you hear about Seed and Sew” on the sign up form on her website!


AND - Daylight Savings Time is coming up this weekend. Alyssa has created a free guide on her website to navigating this timeframe. Matthew and I will be using her techniques to get Maya on track with her sleep schedule. So definitely take advantage of these awesome offerings from Alyssa and enjoy the episode! Happy Halloween and sweet dreams!

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