HOME BIRTH STORY: Witchcraft, surprise babies, and moving during pregnancy with Meggie and Steve Andrews

September 26, 2017





In today’s episode we’ve got the whole family on the phone - Meggie and Steve Andrews join us, along with their baby William, or Liam as they refer to him.


Meggie reached out to us during her pregnancy, thanking us for what we’re doing on the show and sharing how helpful it had been for her as she planned for the home birth of her first child with her husband Steve (we’ve copied her original email below). And interesting fact - they weren’t planning on having children. But, surprise!  So they worked through some of the mental and emotional adjustments that come with this huge unexpected life change.


Meggie happened to have a friend who birthed at home, so after speaking with her and watching Business of Being Born, they explored the midwifery model of care. And then one of the biggest things throughout the pregnancy - they decided to move from Virginia to Michigan. So that meant finding different midwives, who could collaborate with each other and support Meggie and Steve as much as possible in making the transition and keeping up with the best prenatal care and birth planning as possible. Another interesting fact - they had their home birth in the same house that Meggie grew up in!


So listen in as we talk about some of the interesting questions and comments you get when you have a home birth like, “Is that witchcraft or something?” and advice for those home birth dads and birth partners.


Added bonus of Liam’s presence in the interview. We love having newborn coos in the background!




Meggie's Original Email


Hi there Sarah and Matthew!


First I want to thank you for making such a wonderfully empowering podcast for all of us out here wanting to learn more about birth and hear positive birth stories; it has been such a support for me during my pregnancy!

Me and my husband, Steve, are expecting our first in August, I just began my 3rd trimester yesterday. We are planning our homebirth at the house I grew up in.


I'm sure you aren't lacking in birth stories for the podcast. Steve and I would be happy to share our journey to homebirth and our story with you for the podcast.


Our story is interesting because we were never planning on having children and, surprise, it happened! That mental and emotional adjustment was a big one for us! I knew immediately that I didn't want to go the doctor route, and have a friend who had one of her children at home. So after speaking with her, and watching the Business of Being Born, we were looking up midwives in the area. From there it's been the normal stuff--good nutrition (organic foods, very little sugar and gluten--because who can give it up 100%?! ;) ), yoga, walking, and continuing with my work. I teach people how to understand horses using horse psychology through weekend clinics, workshops and private lessons all over the country. I have thus been traveling a bit and that has all gone well. I have also continued to ride my horses, just slower than before at this point.


The biggest change throughout our pregnancy is that we decided to move from Virginia back to Michigan where our family is. We have lived in VA for almost 2 years, but with having a baby, we have decided that we want our little one to grow up around our family, as well as have the support of family around. So we will be moving officially in 2 weeks. We have wonderful midwives in both MI and VA. We just continued to see the ones in VA, and when I'm back in Michigan I see my midwife in MI (I travel back to MI to teach reasonably often so I can see her at those times).

We have been reading lots, listening to your podcast, and watching birth videos to prepare. I read Ina May's books, Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering (it was so fun to hear her on the show!), Birthing from Within, and HypnoBirthing. Meditation and visualization has been a big art of my preparation as well.


I could go on forever, but I think that gives you a feel for who we are and our general story for now!


Thanks again for providing this platform for us all--it's a wonderful thing you three are doing.



Meggie, Steve and Baby Andrews



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