World Doula Week 2018: Serving and Advocating for Women in Pregnancy and Birth with Sharon Randolph

March 25, 2018




How awesome are doulas?!


It’s a trick question - because they’re so awesome it’s almost impossible to put into words how awesome they are.

We’re celebrating World Doula Week this year by sharing some powerful conversations with doulas in different parts of the country and with different journeys into doula work as well as in practice.


Earlier in the week we published our episode with the great Lindsey Bliss of Carriage House Birth. And today we have our conversation Sharon Randolph, holistic health practitioner and doula.




Sharon opens up about her own journey in pregnancy, which had elements of depression to it. A lot of frustration and confusion as well around the insurance process and looking for midwives who accepted her insurance.


Fast forward into her work as a doula, Sharon works with women and families to help them navigate the system that she struggled with in her own experience and serves as an advocate. She’s particularly passionate about changing the climate of hospital births in her communities to make it more conducive to the variations of birthing options and choices.


We talk about the importance of education, supportive birth partners, and making sure that women of color and typically underserved communities are given proper care.


Plus, Sharon shares some of her tips and resources for finding education and support when you feel like your options are limited.


Thank you to Sharon and to all the doulas out there doing what they do. You are so loved and appreciated!


Show Notes:


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