Hey! We're the voices behind this thing : )

We're Matthew and Sarah, new parents who welcomed our daughter Maya through a home birth on September 11th 2016.


We're also both entrepreneurs, co-hosts of this podcast (and others), health and fitness enthusiasts, lovers of Harry Potter and Star Wars, and overall pretty cool people (we like to think : ).

This podcast is all about our experience with home birth. We get into it in episode #2 so we'll spare you here, but bottom line is that the decision wasn't an easy one, but it was the best one for us. 

During our research process, before we made our home birth decision, we struggled to find empowering, raw and honest resources on home birth. Everything was either up in the clouds or tainted with fear and judgement. So we created this podcast to bring authentic, conscious and loving conversations to the topic of home birth.

Tune in, sit back, and join us as we're doing it at home!

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